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3 Simple Questions to Transform Your Life August 27, 2014   

3 Questions


I had a powerful experience this week. It came to me in a series of 3 questions, so thought provoking and transformative, I just had to share it with you. Below are the questions that came to me, in the order in which they came.


1. What is ONE THING that you could be and should be doing EVERY DAY, that you already know if you did it, would make a remarkable and immediate difference in your life?


2. Why are you not doing that ONE THING?


3. If you did this one thing every day, in what ways would it transform your life for the good?


I realize most people are too busy to be involved in their own personal growth and development, but I hope you are not one of them. I challenge you to to take 5-10 minutes, right now, and put pen to paper and answer these 3 very important questions.


I had a major break-through when answering these questions, and I think you will too!


Hope this helps. Was just thinking about you today.


Stay tuned. Lots of exciting stuff coming your way soon!


To your success!


C.S. Hughes


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