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My New Audio Book, Yours Free October 13, 2014   

As a Man Thinketh


I recently released my latest audio book, Success Classics Revisited Volume 1: As a Man Thinketh. 


It's a refreshed, revised, updated, energetic, studio recording of James Allen's 1910 Classic, As a Man Thinketh.


I want to give you a digital copy that you can download TODAY, for FREE!


Here's the deal…


My friend and colleague, #1 New York Times Best-selling Author, Brendon Burchard, just finished his new book, a beautiful hardcover titled, The Motivation Manifesto: 9 Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power. This book is amazing, and he is giving it away FREE! He's asked me to help him promote the book, so I am adding my free audio book to his free hardcover book offer.


If you are someone who would like to enjoy greater levels of success and fulfillment, both of these free resources are for you. And, their both free!!


But it gets better…


In addition to getting my free audio book and Brendon's free hardcover book, Brendon will also give you his 12-week online coaching course, The Motivation Manifesto Online, that you can start IMMEDIATELY…again…free!


So how to do you get these FREE, life changing resources?


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STEP TWO: Once you have ordered your hardcover book from Brendon, you will receive a receipt in your email box. Forward that email to me so I know you got your book. Send it to cs (the @ sign) cshughes.com . (I have to write it this way, so I spambot does not grab my email and spam me.)


STEP THREE: When I receive your receipt, I'll email you my new audio book, Success Classics Revisited, Volume 1: As a Man Thinketh.


STEP FOUR: Enjoy! Enjoy my new audio book (FREE)! Enjoy Brendon's 12-week coaching program (FREE)! And, enjoy Brendon's book (FREE), when it shows up at your home or office.


It's all free! What are you waiting for??


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