75 Minutes With My Mentor

Just had a mind-blowing 75-minute conversation with my good friend and mentor, William E. Bailey. 82 years old and living the good life. He built a company from 0 – $60,000,000 a month in 12 years.

We talked about history, Genghis Kong, Afghanistan, politics, the gun control debate, success, goal setting, focus and even quantum mechanics and laws of physics. Some of my favorite things he said tonight…

“If you don’t aim a rifle, no matter how good it is, it doesn’t hit the target. So many people have so many gifts, talents, skills and abilities, but if they don’t get focused, if they don’t set daily goals, they will never hit their target, again no matter how good they are!”

“Wanna know what I think about long term goals babe? They aint worth a damn unless you have short range goals.”

“I’ve been reading a book or two every day for more than 30 days.” WHOA!!!!

“Totality begets totality. Total and complete focus is the fastest way to reach your goals babe.”

“Freedom from want frees up your mind to think. To really think, and that’s the only real freedom in life. And unfortunately most people will never experience true freedom because they are incarcerated by want, and remain there by choice.” Oh my goodness!!

And see if this one doesn’t blow your mind like it did mine…..

“When I think about quantum mechanics, it relaxes my mind so that I can comprehend the intricacies & the simplicities of the universe.” 🙂

“If E = MC2…if energy = weight = mass, then energy has weight. If energy has weight, your thoughts have weight (science has proven this). If you let the weight of the negative past occupy your thoughts, you let that weight drag you back from future possibility. That’s quantum gravity babe! This is why so many people fail in life. The gravity of the past is the dominate power in their life. If your past doesn’t cause you to feel positive and hopeful, ignore it. You can control what goes into your mind, and what stays in your mind. Success can be as easy as replacing negative thoughts and memories with positive ones. You don’t try to ignore the negative. You replace it with something positive. You harness the mass, the weight, the gravity of the good to overpower the bad. That simple babe!”

So, how about that!?!? I’d love to read your thoughts. Please share them below so the community can read them too.

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