Law of Success: Original 1925 Edition December 7, 2010   

The Original 1925 Law of Success

Two weeks ago, the original 1925 edition of Napoleon Hills book, The Law of Success showed up at my house. This is not the same as the 1928 version of the Law of Success, the version you can get at any book seller today. And it's not, Think and Grow Rich, which Napoleon would later publish in 1937.


The book that showed up at my house is the original 1925 version of Napoleon Hills never published and never released version of the Law of Success that has been lost to the world until now.


Napoleon Hill

Young Napoleon Hill

In 1908, 25 year old Napoleon Hill was working his way through college as a part time reporter and accepted the assignment to interview Andrew Carnegie, who at that time, was the riches man in the world. Carnegie agreed to the interview, invited Napoleon into his home and, what was supposed to be a brief visit, lasted 3 days.


During this interview Carnegie cavalierly tossed out his secret formula for success to see if the young Napoleon had the brains to understand the significance of what was just shared with him. Napoleon “got it” immediately, but was not prepared for what happened next.

Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie


Carnegie was 73, and knowing his years were numbered, wanted to pass on his knowledge to another. He decided Napoleon Hill was the person he had long searched for to be the vessel of his secret and the messenger to take it to the world.


Carnegie said:


“Now, I've been talking to you for three days about this new philosophy. I've told you all that I know about it, about its possibilities and its potentials. I wish to ask you a question which you will please answer with a simple yes or no.


“If I commission you to become the author of this philosophy, give you letters of introduction to people who's help you'll need, are you willing to devote 20 years to research, because that's about how long it will take, earning your own way as you go along without any subsidy from me … yes or no?”


Napoleon said:


“I didn't know it at that time, but I later learned that Mr. Carnegie made up his mind that when he put the question to me, he would allow me only 60 seconds in which to say yes or no.


“60 seconds, that's all. I didn't see it, but he was sitting there with a stop watch behind his desk timing me, and it took me exactly 29 seconds to make up my mind that I would accept.”


For more than 20 years, Napoleon conducted more than 3,000 interviews of the worlds most powerful men, though he would use only 500 of them to help him compile his book, the world would come to know as, Think and Grow Rich, one of the best selling and most impactgful personal development books of all time.


Think and Grow Rich was not Napoleon's first book. Nor was it his second. It was his third.


In 1925, 17 years after Carnegie's commission, Napolen Hill produced 118 hand made copy's of his 1925 manuscript, The Law of Success. Each of the editions were comprised of 15 booklets and given to many of the men who had contributed to the books content; men like John D. Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford and others. 118 men were the recipients of this book, and no more would ever be made.


In 1928, Hill published an altered version of The Law of Success. And in 1937, he published Think and Grow Rich, but it appeared that his original and very potent 1925 edition of Laws of Success would be lost forever.

Law of Success 1925

Never Published Law of Success


Remarkably, a man recently found one of these original handmade manuscripts in an Arkansas book store. Stunned, but knowing what this book would be worth to him and millions of others, he paid $20,000 for the manuscripts.


He quickly had this manuscript published, and has made it available in a beautiful hardbound collector's edition. The lost 1925 edition of the Law of Success is, for the first time ever, available to the world.


Even though I already owned Napoleon's mass published, 1928 version of Law of Success, as soon as I learned that the formerly lost original version was available, I bought it. And I love it. (Thank you Andrew.)


I encourage all serious students of success to pick up your own elegant hardbound collector's edition of this life altering book. I was surprised to learn that the book was only $49, (I expected it to be much more) and it even comes with the free audio program, Continued Success.


I've really been enjoying studying the differences between the 1925 and the 1928 editions of this book, and wonder why so many parts of the original book were altered or removed all together.

Law of Success 1925

The New Addition to my Library


I've done quite a bit of research about this book to make sure that it was legitimate, before I recommended it. In my research, some indicate that some of Mr. Hill's billionaire friends may have suggested that his book was not “palatable for the masses.” In other words, perhaps it was too powerful? I don't know. But what I do know, is I'm so glad I found it. It's definitely a conversation peace and a cool book to have in your library. Physically, it's one of the most beautiful books in my library.


If you're as excited as I was when I learned about this book, I'm sure you'll want to buy a copy right away. And, if you're looking for great personal or business gift ideas, you can even get up to 5 additional copies  for half price.


To learn more about this book or to add a copy to your library, click here.




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  • Jeb49

    I’ve got it ordered and can hardly wait to get it. Will let you know my thoughts when I read it. Thank you for the recommendation.
    Judy Baird

    • C.S. Hughes

      Jeb49: Looking forward to getting your comments. CSH

      • Jeremy

        I have read through the Law Of Success and love it. Do you feel I need the version you are talking about? I saw the TV infomercial awhile back and bought the mass produced one at that time. If you tell me I need or should get this version I will. If not I will keep studying the one I have. Second best success book ever

        • C.S. Hughes

          Jeremy: The 1925 version is certainly not a need. “The Secrets” of success are available in many books, and other places. It’s more of a novelty to me, though I am curious about the changes made from 1925 to 1928. Congrats on having the 1928 version. Napoleon Hill is a gem. CSH

  • Felix Fegurgur

    got that book a couple of weeks ago..Aweosme book!

  • Eleazar

    Just put an order for 3 books! I will keep 1 and give out the other 2 as Christmas gifts. Thank you very much for recommending this book and your continued mentorship.

  • Elwan

    Just found out about it thru your email. I am a fan of Napoleon Hill, and can’t wait to get it. Thanks a lot for the recommendation.

    • C.S. Hughes

      Elwan, I’m enjoying it so far. It’s just cool to think that this is the EXACT book given to 118 of the most important contributors to Hills research. Nothing has been changed.

      • DaveChristadore

        Think and Grow Rich followed by Success through a Positive Mental Attitude are two of the most influential books of my life. The Secret was very related to these as well. Can you tell me a little more about what is different about this one?

        • C.S. Hughes

          It’s not earth shatteringly different. It’s just different, and that makes it interesting to me. If you bought the mass produced Law of Success, I believe you’d get the message. I’m not seeing anything “omitted,” that makes a difference… so far.

  • Philana

    I saw this on tv and can’t wait to get a copy!!!


    I actually had a business partner purchase a copy for me about a month ago and I LOVE IT!

    • C.S. Hughes

      April: As my sons say… LUCKY!! :-)

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  • Anonymous

    very very cool

  • Vieux Publishing

    Actually the infomercial guy has made up alot of the story, Henry Ford never put up a fight over this book, there were really only about 50 of these sets made, It WAS copyrighted in 1925, the person that Hill autographed this manuscript set to was not a lawyer, but a friend baptist clergyman, and most importantly Hill himself waited for three more years to release this book as a promise to a very close friend Andrew Carnegie, even though Carnegie had been dead since 1919 … I am saddened that the true story of this wonderful set is being destroyed… Sounds good for TV though doesn’t it… I know this because I have studied Napoleon Hill’s life for years and was the previous owner of this manuscript set…

  • Emanuel

    Bought it. Time to soak it in.

  • tigerm


  • Colby

    Just got my copy! Diving in!

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  • Haas Khaku

    Hello Mr. Hughes.. how o I get the other 4 copies at 1/2 price?
    Haas Khaku

  • successbook

    Orne Publishing changed a lot of the original material in their version of the 1925 Law of Success (like ALL of the quotes, and some of the text to avoid racism), I found the only other publisher (Vieux Publishing) that truly left 99% of the book just like the Manuscripts (like all of the quotes are the original ones of that in the Manuscripts). AND Vieux publishing offers a higher quality book made in the USA for only $29.99!!! You can purchase them on Ebay or Amazon. The Law of Success from the 1925 Manuscripts Lessons by Napoleon Hill. The link is below.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Mr Hughes. How can i get a copy of the original The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons? 

  • Zik Ukaeje

    Great book!! I own a copy. Also I was inspired to put the complete Law of Success on Audio for all to have.

    Check here:


  • Miller Dikto

    I want to know the real “law of succees” story! I don’t want the uncensored or waterdown Law of Success verison. Did the people that Napoleon intewview had a hidden agaenda for it not the be release? What did theses people fear? Was it Henry Ford’s idea the try and stop the book? Where is the poof? Stop lying to the people, Steven Paris and Kevin Trudeua. You rich fucking asshholds!

  • Olu Hamilton

    By ALL means I want this book! PLEASE ADVISE!!!

  • Ronney Simpson

    i got the 1928 release. i wanted to get a very early edition before it was savagely gutted to protect the profits and powers of the rich.