Staying Up in Down Times: How to Thrive in the New Economy ($47 digital download)

In this digital version of our 5-cd audio learning system, you’ll learn the techniques and strategies of success and how to retool yourself for success in the new economy that’s upon us. Learn more.Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.17.05 PM


Success Classics Revisited Volume 1: As a Man Thinketh ($14 digital download)

Success Classics Revisited is C.S. Hughes latest project and labor of love. Some of the best books ever written are old. Really old! The heart of the content in these books is as relevant today as it was when they were written. However, language, society, technology and many other things have changed vastly. C.S. Hughes is engaged in the great undertaking of updating each of these books and recording his professional and passionate reading of them to help the listener get the most out of these powerful resources for success!Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.17.05 PM


Occupy Your Own Life: Achieving Success & Freedom Through Personal Responsibility. ($14 digital download)

More and more in today’s society, people looking to others to support them. They are also becoming increasingly quick to blame others when things don’t go their way. One of the foundational principles for success, freedom and fulfillment is to take responsibility for the good and the bad in your life, no matter what. In Occupy Your Own Life, C.S. Hughes takes a deep dive into this topic to help you identify where you might be giving up your power by blaming others and not taking full and complete responsibility.
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One Minute Mentoring

The digital version of C.S. Hughes’ One Minute Mentoring™ CD is available for free by joining our email list. 1 track will be emailed to you every week, for the next 52 weeks. These audios are approximately “one minute” long and have been specifically crafted and designed to cause the listener to think deeply about their life and make corrections when needed.
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Welcome to The Business

Welcome To the Business is a generic “getting started right” audio for network marketing professionals to give to all of their new distributors. It teaches the importance of 3rd party tools and illustrates the easiest and fastest way to build a success network marketing/direct sales business.
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