Travis Alexander LIVE in San Bernardino 2008

Travis Alexander Live in San Bernardino, CA May 2008

One of the things I love about being a network marketing professional, is the opportunity to stumble upon super stars in embryo, from time to time, and help them with their early steps into greatness.

My good friend Travis Alexander was exactly that. He was a super star, but not one knew it. When I met him, he was working two meaningless jobs. From the outside, he didn't appear to be much, similar to me when I first began this journey. I identified with him. I saw a lot of myself in him. You can never tell what's going on in the heart of a man (or woman), and you can not know the immeasurable and unknowable power of a persons will and desire.

Travis was the best student I ever had. He would joke about how he was my progeny. When he was just months old in the business, I shared with him something that someone shared with me when I was new to the profession in 1999/2000. It was this. “If you can master the art of public speaking and story telling… if you can learn to move the hearts and minds of your audience, with authenticity and integrity, you can write your own checks in this business.” In other words, if you serve the people and serve them in a way that is enjoyable, memorable and authentic, you can earn as much as you want to earn. He latched on to that and began almost immediately to master the craft of public speaking. He started out speaking in the living rooms of the people he served, and eventually worked his way up to the big stage and would regularly speak in front of hundreds of people at a time.

He had a gift. He could move people in a way that was very unique. He could cause you to experience the peaks and the valleys of your emotions, all in the same sentence. He was most certainly a budding Super Star. He was well on his way when he was taken from us prematurely. Rest in my peace my brother.

Of all the speeches I watched Travis give, sadly, I never recorded any of them. Had I known he'd be taken from us, I would have recorded them all, and wish I would have. Recently, my good friend Dave surprised me with an audio recording of a seminar Travis and I both spoke at. Travis “opened” the event for me and I did the back portion of the seminar when he was done. I thought you all might enjoy hearing Travis doing his thing, so I've posted his portion of the audio below. He was so good! I laughed until I cried when I heard this for the first time a few weeks ago. This is one of the last speeches I ever heard Travis give.

To give you context, this seminar was at held at the San Bernardino Hilton Hotel, where Sky and I held a Pre-Paid Legal/ LegalShield training seminar there every week for several years. Back then, we referred to these trainings as “Systems Trainings.” On this particular night, Travis was training on “The 10 Core Commitments” which is the “system” for success in our business.

Even though this was a “business” seminar, Travis had a knack for making it interesting, entertaining and relevant, so even people who are not in the business can enjoy it. The audio quality is not great, but its good enough.  It's 41 minutes long and worth a listen if you want to know more about Travis.

By the way, this speech was given on May 8, 2008… one month before his death…one month before he was to meet my wife and I in Cancun, Mexico. As many of you know, he never made it to Cancun. This is the last seminar I ever did with Travis, and it's the last speech I ever watched him give. I am feeling so incredibly blessed right now, that this audio was captured and found it's way into my life. Thank you so, so much Dave!

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